Welcome to Mr. Gerbear's Eurovision 2021 Favorites sorter! Are you still undecided as to who your favorite is? Look no further: this tool will help you get that sorted out.

Instructions: You are given two countries and their entries. Click which one you like better, and go on until the end.

This is a 100% accurate way to find out how you REALLY rank songs. If you think the result is wrong, either you didn't choose an option correctly, or you're lying to yourself. ;) Seriously, folks, this is an exhausive, methodical process.

To share your ranking with your friends, just take a screenshot of the result at the end! You can take an automatic screencap with a nifty button that appears after the sorting is done! Cool!! This opens the image in a new tab/window.

NEW! You can now automatically see your personal qualifiers from each of the semifinals! Just check the box that appears after you've sorted all the entries.

ALSO NEW! If you're on the Eurovision (un)Official Discord server and want to use this sorter to update your rankings for the bot, you're in luck: I've provided the code automatically for you. Just check the box that appears after sorting.

Mr. Gerbear's Eurovision Favorites sorter is powered by Eurovoix!

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Code originally from bathkame. Qualifier code by Elainovision.


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